Jared Cohn

Western State Colorado University

The Sea State provides a life experience that you can write on your resume?! I don't know if you can ever truly quantify a life changing trip that provides you with endless opportunities to improve as a person, but I do know one thing; it was quantified in that it was worth three upper division credits, for writing fun challenging stories, surfing, meeting new people, and spending time in an amazing place that will always flood you with fond memories of warmth and passion for a time you will never forget.

Tucker Cocchiarella

Western State Colorado University

This was the best college class I have ever taken because it was a full immersion class. Service work, surfing, writing, collaboration, adventure, film/photography were integrated into our lives everyday during the course. I learned more about journalism and was able to reflect on my own life and what direction I want to go in. As a film student I was able to create a film about the trip as a resume builder and to practice those skills.

Jenayl Peters

San Diego State University

Completely worthwhile! I had been looking for something like this since I started college and was beyond thrilled to find Sea State! It is a compilation of all things that are important; surfing, learning, community, and cultural immersion. I am so glad I chose this program for my Study Abroad - it is an eye opening incredible experience!

Wyatt Thompsom

University of Colorado Boulder

Life changing
The SeaState was an incredible experience. Hands down one of the best college classes I have ever taken. This full immersion course gave me a taste of another country's culture. I was able to see so much of Panama in just a short period amount of time. The itinerary was packed with fun events such as seeing the Panama Canal, staying in Casco Viejo (Old Town Panama City), surfing vacant breaks, island hopping, spear fishing, giving back to local communities, and much more! The class was super interesting and the professor was very encouraging to the course subject. I would do it again in a heart beat.

Morgan Owney

University of North Carolina Wilmington

My experience with the Sea State to Costa Rica was overall amazing! I did so much so that I never wanted to leave. Being able to immerse yourself in the culture you are learning so much about really puts everything into perspective. After leaving Costa Rica and studying sustainable surf tourism, I feel as if I have found what I'm truly passionate about and what I want to study even more. Learning how to make a positive impact on a community and people's lives all while using the sport of surfing truly changed me. It made me realize that doing what you love and bringing happiness to others through passions you really care about is what truly leaves a lasting impact on people and communities. I hope to be involved with a lot more Sea State trips in the near future.