1. What if I have never surfed before?
No worries! Our sites are selected for access to safe learn to surf conditions. Also, the surf component is meant to be a  fun bonding activity and we encourage our students to give it a shot, but it is not mandatory.
2. What if I am an avid surfer?
Don't worry, we are too! We plan classes and other activities around the optimal surf conditions for the day. In short, you will get plenty of waves.
3. What if I have never traveled before?
Our staff will be accompaning the students from the moment they arrive in the country of the program. Each of the trained leaders have been to the sites we go and will be there for 24 hours a day for support  - no question is too small!
4. What to expect in a typical day?
Most days include the following elements - Lecture time; a site visit, guest speaker or service project, an adventure activity (i.e. Surfing) and three square meals.  
5. Will anyone from Sea State be traveling with the group on the airplane?
Students will be provided information for a recommended group flight, in which they will be traveling with a SeaState representative if they choose to elect that option. Students can also select a more flexible itinerary, but will then be responsible for getting themselves either to the airport when the rest of the group arrives to meet up with our shuttle or to our lodging site by the Program start time.
6. What if I get sick?
Our trained staff will do everything they can to help make you the most comfortable and monitor your illness to see if medical care is necessary.
7. What if I get homesick?
Traveling to somewhere new with people you don’t know can be an uncomfortable feeling. Our staff will support the student’s emotional and physical needs and help to navigate any challenging moments to ensure a positive cultural experience.
8. Can I bring my cell phone or computer?
Cell phones are welcomed on the programs, however, we recommend only using them when necessary. Taking a break from being “connected” can offer a deeper, more memborable experience.  Computers are not necessary and often a burden to carry around when traveling.  There are safes in all rooms to locks up any valuables.
9. What if I am allergic to certain foods?
We are equipped to accommodate all food allergies or any restrictions that you may have. Please include detailed information on your medical form.
10. Can I room with a friend I am signing up with?
Yes, if you are traveling with a friend, let us know and we can try to room you together.
11. How much spending money should I bring on the trip?
Each program is different but we reccommomend about $200 for extra spending money.
12. Will there be ATM’s in the towns we are going?
Each location is different, but in most cases there is access to ATM’s. If for some reason there is not, we will let the students know when they need to access cash before traveling to a place where there is not a bank.
13. Do I need any special gear?
Every program will come with a program/site specific welcome pack that will detail what special gear is either required (for safety) or recommended (for comfort)
14. Will I be able to call home while I am on my trip?
If you need to call home for any reason during your trip, the Sea State staff will help you do so.
15. Do I need any special vaccinations?
Most of our locations do not require any extra vaccines.  If the CDC reccommends any, then we will notify the students in the Program Welcome Packet for the Program.
16. Do I need any special Visa’s for the country I am going?
Most of our locations do not require any special Visa’s for US Passport holders. In some cases, and entry or exit fee is required, and each student will be notified in the Program Welcome Packet of the exact ammount.
17. Do I need to speak the language of the country I am going to?
Not necessary, but we do recommend learning a few key phrases to deepen your cultural experience by being able to interact with the locals!  A Key Phrases list will be included in the Program Welcome Packet.
18. How do I purchase my flight? Will we travel as a group?
After you have been accepted into the Program of your choice, you receive a Welcome  Packet containing all the necessary Travel Arrangement information such as a recommended flight and arrival times. It is each students responsibilty to purchase their own flight that gets them to the country by the Program start date. In most cases, we will travel as a group in a shuttle from the airport to the accommodations. In other cases, it will be the students responsibility to get to the accommodations on their own.
19. How will I meet the group in country?
If you are not traveling on the recommended flight - upon entering the country of your Program, a Sea State representative will be at the airport of your arrival city. We give you directions to find them, but typically, you are directed to collect your bags, walk out of the terminal and look for a Sea State sign. If you are meeting the group at the accommodations, you will be informed of a meeting place.
20. Is there a number I can call to reach my child while on the trip?
In the Program Welcome Packet we provide a number for the accommodations or Trip Leader in the event that you need to reach your son or daughter. We also have a 24 hour US contact that can help you reach them in the event of an emergency.  
21. What are the steps for applying?
It is easy and just takes a few minutes!
  1. Fill out Application and submit
  2. You will be notified of your placement in the program (this can take 1 month)
  3. Make your Deposit
  4. You will receive a Program Welcome Packet which contains:
    • What to Expect
    • Travel Arrangements
    • Packing List
    • Directions to register for units
    • Final Payment directions
  5. Make Final Payment and purchase flight
  6. Attend (or view online) Pre Trip Orientation
22. How will the credits transfer?
Unless specified, all Sea State courses are accredited through our host institution, Western State Colorado University. Direct unit transcripts will be issued to each student who registers. Directions for obtaining transcripts is in the Welcome Packet that each student receives. Copies of the Syllabus can be requested and provided for each course - this if often used to determine if the course can satisfy specific requirements within your major.  
23. Is my deposit refundable if my plans change?
Click here to learn more: 2016 Payment refund financial agreement 
24. Are there Scholarships available?
At this time Sea State does not have any of it's own Scholarships available.  However we can accept any scholarships that you receive independently. Here is a list of great resources to check out: Institute of International Education http://www.iie.org/Students College Net - Collegenet.com Global Studies Foundation - http://www.globalstudiesfoundation.org Go Abroad - http://www.goabroad.com/scholarships-abroad LIV Fund - http://www.livfund.org/scholarship/what-is-the-livfund-scholarship/